Office-Based Surgery

Office-based surgery in ophthalmology has become increasingly popular in recent years due to advances in surgical techniques, anesthesia, technology and safety. I am happy to share insights on safety, reimbursements and the overall impact on patient and surgeon experience.

  • Seamlessly integrate clinic and surgery within the practice o Utilizes highest level of patient safety
  • Patient friendly facility reduces patient anxiety
  • Surgical staff works for the practice – no need to hire nurses o Surgical revenues retained in practice
  • Appropriate level of anesthesia – LASIK like
  • Greater patient satisfaction
  • Accredited by the same organizations as the ASC
  • Employee satisfaction & retention – current OD staff is crossed trained as surgical staff

Office-based surgery accounts for 2.2% of all cataract cases performed in the U.S. and you will receive reimbursements from Medicare, Medicare Advantage and commercial payers.

Practice Marketing

Of course, I bring decades of experience marketing the eye care practice that most-likely will enhance our conversation about OBS in your market.

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Office-based surgery in the future for your practice?

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